Our Tradition

buildingKenneth Kurtz & Associates Physical Therapy is a therapist owned private rehabilitation practice providing high quality, cost effective care in a convenient outpatient setting. Recognizing that each patient is unique, we focus our attention on individual needs. We see that focus as critical to the overall success of your recovery process.

Our 11,000 square foot facility was carefully planned to provide ample handicap parking, safe access to pool facilities, a spacious exercise area, locker rooms and comprehensive, on-site patient services.

Our building, though a comfortable environment, well suited to quality care, however, is not our strongest resource. The skill of our therapists is what makes the difference at Kenneth Kurtz & Associates Physical Therapy. Our professional staff is the resource that offers the greatest assistance in returning you to a lifestyle that is as fully functional and productive as possible.

Kenneth Kurtz, P.T. has directed the development of a clinical staff that is committed to providing quality patient care through a combination of advanced skills, professional delivery and comprehensive programming. Licensed and board certified, our therapists routinely attend continuing education programs offered by schools considered to be national leaders in continuing education. Together with the support of our auxiliary staff members, our therapists are dedicated to your recovery.

Team Approach

While attending physical therapy is important, the performance of your home exercise program is just as important, if not more. The majority of our exercises are geared to maximize functional ability.

Remember, it is very important to perform your exercises to your tolerance. If you do not understand your exercises, or why you are doing them, please do not hesitate to ask questions. Technique of your exercises at home and at our facility is essential to your recovery.